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February's Reset Wellness Retreat - Sold Out!

6th February 2021 - 10:30

Price: £35

Sold Out

A Wellness Summons 

We’ve gathered together some of our favourite wellness experts to indulge in a little home based retreat dedicated to the uplifting and simple pleasures of movement, the breath, good food and sound and sage advice - a perfect anecdote to the grey days of Winter.

Join The Retreat

The Ultimate Good Mood Boost

Our intention is to give you a beautiful uplift with an opportunity for self investment and the ultimate good mood booster of coming together with kindred spirits to share in a slice of soulful togetherness. 

Reset in 2021 will be hosted at The Mowbray on Saturday 6th of February and you’ll be invited to  join us via Zoom from the comfort and cosiness of your home. 

We will be joined by Aimee Barnes & Libby Limon who will be guiding you through several hours of seasonal holistic nurture.  

We’ll be sustained by The Mowbray Kitchen who have created a special edition of The Mowbray at Home - designed to nourish and restore - and based on the principles of seasonality and  made from scratch. 

Your Happiness Kit includes true delights from Retreat Remedies, Life Factory, The Savourists, Kind Bar, LUSH, BumbleZest, Weleda, UpCircle and Moju (more to be included) and has been curated with the idea of extending the retreat into later into the day and perhaps into the next. 

When booking - please let us know about any dietary requirements, your level of yoga - ie. ‘i’m new to yoga’ or ‘I practice regularly. Also let us know about any injuries. 

The Retreat

“To ignite the soul, bring balm to the mind and a preparation for lighter brighter times ahead….”

The Yoga

A seasonal practice as we explore the Yang of Summer and the Yin of Winter. 

Join us from 10.30am 

Our first Yoga session will start at 11.00 but we ask that you join us anytime between 10.30am and 11.00 to allow for any Zoom niggles! 

Be nice and comfy in a quiet room - ready with your yoga mat. If you’d prefer to join us then - come and have a chat and a snack on the mat with us - or if not - say a quick hi - then turn your screen off for a while to relish your mid morning snack. 

Mid Morning Snack

Spiced turmeric latte, bottled & ready to warm at home

Mowbray Banana Oat Muffin

Morning Yoga Session with Aimee at 11am

We will begin with a warming, heart opening practice, cultivating the bright expansive energy of summer. This session presents an opportunity to explore different expressions of movement to carve a pathway of release, letting go of stagnation and tension as we tap into our potential to be energised and vibrant. 

Lunch at 12.15

Lunch will be a nourishing affair in tune with the most wintery of months

A hearty Mowbray minestrone soup with plenty of fresh vegetables and wholewheat orzo pasta

Served with House Made olive oil, sea salt and rosemary focaccia

We will provide very quick heating instructions for the soup - and you are very welcome to either join us for chat and lunch or if you’d prefer to take the time to tune out of Zoom and join us after you’ve eaten. 

Top Tips & Health Hacks with Libby Limon - 12.45

Our own well-being and health has never been more important. Nutritionist and yogi, Libby Limon, joins us from her London home to share her top tips and health hacks on everything from boosting your immunity to getting the best night's sleep possible and managing stress better. 

This session is designed to inform, reassure and to be gently motivational and inspirational. 

Followed by a short Q and A to answer your questions.

Afternoon Yoga Session with Aimee at 13.15

Get cosy for a sublime candlelit restorative session. The Yin to the Yang, this will be a deeply nourishing practice. As we draw inwards, we take the time to nourish our roots, replenishing and recharging like nature itself. Bathing in silence as we embody the quiet stillness of winter. "

Goodbyes at 14.15

We’ll leave you to enjoy the blissful restorative glow and enjoy an indulgent afternoon snack - and a whole pile of goodies from the Happiness Kit to unpack!

Afternoon Snack 

Mowbray 70% Dark Chocolate, Fruit and Nut Tiffin

Mowbray-made lemon verbena infusion - made using our rooftop verbena & dried peel. Just add boiling water and honey to taste!

A Thank You!

As many of you will know - usually in January we host a series of sell out ‘Reset’  Yoga & Wellness Retreats at The Chimney House and The Mowbray. 

We’ve been gently encouraged to explore a retreat for 2021 - so like many things in 2020 - this will be a first for us! 

The Need to Knows

Suitable for all those who love yoga whatever your level. This is a blissful retreat - perfect for anyone looking for a joyful New Year boost alongside like minded folk.

You will need a Yoga Mat and a quiet space.

You will also need a laptop/ipad in the room with you - with the latest version of Zoom. We will send you login details to access the Retreat. 

Lunch and the Spiced turmeric latte needs gently warming before you enjoy it!

Aimee has kindly made some little rollers that you can use in her sessions - they are available in the drop down menu in the shop. 

You’ll need to pop down to The Mowbray to collect your Food Parcel & Happiness Kit on Friday 5th of February. Just choose a time at checkout to suit you. 

We can arrange for your Food Parcel & Happiness Kit  to be delivered to you if you prefer. Just let us know and there will be a small delivery charge via City Taxis. 

About Aimee

Yoga has been a part of my life since my late teens. I clearly remember really struggling with the early classes, I don’t have a dancing background, and at the time had minimal flexibility and body awareness, it’s fair to say that it was a challenge. As a classic over thinker, I quickly realised that this practice was like medicine for my mind. As my own awareness poured through me, I fell into deeper dialogue with my body which allowed me to get to know myself through the window of my breath.

I remember one of the first books I read was “Awakening the spine” by Vanda Scaravelli, This was such an important part of my early understanding of the practice and I still revisit this book regularly. A quote which inspired my practice is “Do not kill the instinct of the body for the glory of the pose” This was a humble reminder to honour and respect my unique shape and approach myself with kindness and curiosity. Rather than pushing and forcing entry, when we approach the body with a tenderness, the body starts to pour open of its own accord. 

As my curiosity about the body evolved, I went on to complete my teacher training in various styles of yoga including Vinyasa yoga, Yin and acupressure and have more recently completed training in massage therapy.

Much of my practice and teaching is inspired by the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is rooted in Chinese thinking that the world around us flows within us and when we combine these ideas with movement, we begin to animate these forces of nature which are flowing through us. Recognising that the seasons themselves are alive within, these elements of nature and their qualities are buried in the depths of our body and with attention and awareness, we can get to know these parts of ourself.  My practice is forever changing and evolving, it’s a constant exploration and I love to share my inspirations and discoveries in my weekly classes. In these classes, I aim to share a practice which serves a wide range of people, everyone is welcome.For me, yoga is a practice of remembrance, a time to reconnect with a sense of self. To be reminded of who you are beneath the busyness of life, remembering what matters and cultivating a warm sense of gratitude towards the unfathomable intelligence of your body, which is constantly working to take care of you.  I currently reside in Sheffield, I teach most of my classes from Unity yoga and i’m so pleased to be part of the wonderful community there.

About Libby

Libby Limon is a degree qualified, London based Nutritional Therapist (mBANT) as well as fully qualified and experienced yoga teacher. As an independent Nutritional Therapist, Nutrition Consultant and Yoga Teacher, she has a busy private clinic and teaches yoga classes at Soho House Gym.

She has worked on various brand led corporate projects, including workshops, recipe development/collections, wellbeing seminars, supplement formulation and development with a number of brands and corporations, and even help create and develop a ‘nutrition consultation app’ using AI technology. Libby's clients include; Clipper Teas, Farmdrop, Soho House Group, Rescue Remedy, Nutribullet, VITL,

She regularly writes or provides expert independent comment in the media inc. Cosmopolitan,Fabulous magazine,, Glamour, Shortlist,, Huffington Post, The Independent, Sunday Times Style, Evening Standard, Glamour Magazine,, Natural Health Magazine, Your Fitness Today magazine,, Women’s Health Magazine etc.


Pro photos thanks to Polly Baldwin - who beautifully documented our last couple of Retreats. These shots are of Libby taking us through the day on two of our Retreats!

Sold Out
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