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Steak Night :: Supper Club - Sold Out!

1st June 2019 - 19:00

Price: £29 per person

Sold Out

Viva! Saúde! 

We’re already famed amongst foodies of the seven hills for our superb Supper Clubs!

This Supper Club is inspired by our signature menu and the simplicity and joy of a really great steak and chips. Unbeatable.

We love nothing more than an evening filled with delight and anticipation for an imminent feast! Radio Mowbray with great vintage latino beats, a couple of excellent Red’s on the bar - perfectly matched to our traditional Brazilian Picanha steak, ready for ‘ummmms’ and ‘ahhhhhhs’ of sheer joy as dinner is served.

Picanha is a Brazilian cut from the rump which has a generous layer of fat which brings flavour and juiciness to the meat. We get our Picanhas from Farmison who age Yorkshire-bred beef to perfection. At 32 days of ageing it develops wonderful flavour without becoming to gamey. We give the meat a simple marinade of garlic & fresh herbs overnight, then Chargrill it and roast until perfectly medium rare. We'll be serving it up in the traditional way; sliced, dressed and ready to share.

The Main Event

32 Dry aged Yorkshire Picanha, sliced and dressed with salsa verde

Our salsa verde is delightful dressing of confit shallots, capers, parsley, coriander, garlic & lemon.

Any vegetarian guests will be served our 'Pastrami' cured celeriac, chargrilled and sliced.

To Share...

Fat cut chips

Tenderstem broccoli & preserved tomato dressing

Peppery rocket & watercress dressed with fruit vinegar & rapeseed oil

Mowbray-made red onion focaccia to mop it all up

To Finish...

There's always room for pudding, right?! Besides you need something to finish up that red wine with...

Dark chocolate tart, Yorkshire creme fraiche & fresh raspberries


Unfortunately we won’t be able to take individual orders on done-ness. The Picanha will be cooked the traditional way as a whole piece then sliced. This means all steak will be served Medium rare.

We cater for all dietary requirement. If you have an questions on the menu, please drop us a line at


Sold Out
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