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Steak Night :: Supper Club

14th February 2020 - 19:00

Price: £32 per person

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Vals & Pals

Our Steak Night Supper Club returns with a ‘Vals & Pals’ special edition!

Inspired by the most joyous Friday night supper - Brazilian Picanha Steak & Chips! Can you really beat the simplicity of a great steak, excellent bottle of red and wonderful company? Vals, pals, everyone’s invited to the ultimate celebration of love and great food at The Mowbray!

The Perfect Picanha 

Picanha is a Brazilian cut from the rump which has a generous layer of fat which brings flavour and juiciness to the meat. We get our Picanhas locally - they are beautifully aged and Yorkshire-bred to perfection.
At 32 days of ageing it develops wonderful flavour without becoming too gamey.

We give the meat a simple marinade of garlic & fresh herbs overnight, then chargrill it and roast until perfectly medium rare.

We'll be serving it up in the traditional way; sliced, dressed and ready to share in the ultimate social style of eating...Feasting! 

The Menu


Smoked Lincolnshire ‘Cream Cheese’ (v)
Caramelised Onion Focaccia (v, g)


32 Day Aged Picanha Steak, reared in Yorkshire. Chargrilled, roasted whole then sliced in the traditional way, dressed with our caper salsa verde

Our vegetarian guests will be served:
Chargrilled Cauliflower Steak, finished with brown butter & caper salsa verde (v)


Chunky skin-on chips (v, ve)
Mowbray house salad; peppery rocket & watercress, slow roast tomatoes & crispy fried onions. Dressed with Derbyshire Rapeseed Oil & Sherry vinegar (v, ve)

TO FINISH (served per val or pal duo)

Baked chocolate mousse with Yorkshire Creme Fraiche, boozy raspberries & morello cherries (v)

(v)= vegetarian   (g)= contains gluten

Dia dos Namorados

Dia dos Namorados is the Brazilian celebration for lovers, steeped in ancient rituals. One of which is called 'Simpatias'. In order to find a good partner, one might conceal a love letter in a pot of basil to pass to a prospective suitor!

Radio Mowbray

Candlelight, great vibes and divine food and drinks. It's the perfect gift to yourself, your bestie or your love!
Expect a pleasingly sumptuous soundtrack from the dulcet tones of Etta James & Curtis Mayfield to vintage latino beats from the infamous RADIO MOWBRAY.

Plus! The Mowbray’s famous Espresso Martini's - all night long!


Unfortunately we won’t be able to take individual orders on done-ness.

The Picanha will be cooked the traditional way as a whole piece then sliced. This means all steak will be served Medium rare.

Each part of our Steak Night Feast will be served as a sharing, social style of dining...Feasting! We'll be serving pudding as a sharing bowl between 2... 

We cater for all dietary requirements. If you have an questions on the menu, please drop us a line at

Sold Out
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