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Sunday Symposiums

Dates - throughout 2019 & 2020

Price: TBC

A series of Sunday happenings designed to be a coming together of like minded folk to learn, create and take inspiration from the skills, wisdom and passions of others. We’ve carefully curated a season of speakers to take us to another place - even if just for a Sunday afternoon…

Expect to learn new techniques, glean a different perspective, eat excellently and take as much away from our speakers as you’d like…

Each Symposium will be different and will vary in price. Some will include food and drinks, some will be morning only events - others full day workshops. Some will be hosted at The Chimney House and others at The Mowbray.  

Our Sundays will cover botanics & florals, preserving, re-use and sustainability, making and growing. We encourage you to come as a group, come on your own, in many cases there will be no prior experience needed - come and have fun!

Keep an eye out for each event - we’re aiming to publish them as a set - but some might come before others!

Take a look at the latest additions to our House Events line up!

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