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Sunday Symposiums :: PRESERVE with The Mowbray Kitchen

27th October 2019 - 10:30am

Price: £42 per person

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A series of Sunday happenings designed to be a coming together of like minded folk to learn, create and take inspiration from the skills, wisdom and passions of others. We’ve carefully curated a season of speakers to take us to another place - even if just for a Sunday afternoon…

Expect to learn new techniques, glean a different perspective, eat excellently and take as much away from our speakers as you’d like… 

PRESERVE with The Mowbray Kitchen

Our first Sunday Symposium will be hosted by the Heads of The Mowbray Kitchen. Matt & Emma Tophill-Reed.

“In the Mowbray Kitchen we love using preserving methods to add something special to our food. We’ve learnt a few tricks along the way, and through experiments of course!”


“Homemade pickles are such a great way to add something different to everyday eating, as well as special dinners for friends and family. You don’t need to have a pantry full of big jars, just one or two small tubs of pickles in the fridge at home, which are ready to eat the same day, and will be just as good in a week or so. You can pickle almost anything, and it’s such a great skill to have when you want to add acidity and flavour to a dish.”


“Curing was originally meant to extend the shelf life of meat & fish to last a cold winter but for us it’s all about changing the flavour and texture of something. I learnt to cure and smoke salmon during my time at The Pig. We used a mixture of sea salt, sugar, local honey, lemon zest & white peppercorns to cure the salmon, before hanging it in our cold smokehouse. We used saw dust from the nearby wood mill. At The Mowbray we make hot smoked salmon, which we lightly cure before smoking it over wood chips in our kitchen. You can do this at home, you just need some great quality fish and an outdoor barbeque!”

Matt: “More recently I’ve researched making my own Pastrami, something I’ve been really keen to learn about. I also perfected a brine for chicken for our summer menus; we smoke it and serve it cold with radishes & tarragon mayo. Curing/brining and smoking are great skills to learn; and the end product is so much nicer than most of the mass-produced stuff we buy in the supermarkets.”


Emma “I’ve been making infused gin and vodka since university! Using wild fruits such as Sloe & Damson are the classics. Popping wild fruits in a jar with some gin and sugar is my favourite way to use a couple of handfuls of hedgerow berries. With The Mowbray’s bar, we wanted to develop some infusions to use in cocktails and spritzers. It takes a little trial and error to learn which flavours do and don’t work, and how long to infuse for to get the best flavour. We use dried spices, citrus peel, tea and roof top herbs in our current infusions.”

The Mowbray's own Hot smoked salmon. 

Emma will show you how to cure a piece of salmon which you can then smoke, or slice and enjoy gravlax style. We’ll provide a recipe for you to take home and try out.


Matt has developed his own recipe for Pastrami. He'll show you how to prepare brisket for brining, talk through the recipe and how to prepare it steaming at home. We’ll provide a recipe for you to take home and try out!

Time to make!

We love to pickle at The Mowbray! Choose some fresh veg you wish to pickle, choose your aromats and we’ll pickle it for you while you lunch. Design a label for it as well, and it makes a lovely little gift for someone (or yourself, of course)


Need we say more? Take your pick of berries, herbs and we’ll provide a jar and our house gin. We’ll talk you through some pointers for making your own infusions at home, and send you off with a bottling kit and some advice on when to strain your infusion.


Now it’s time to try the goods!

Mowbray-made Focaccia & herb butter

Hot smoked salmon (cured just as we have shown you) with dill creme fraiche & pickled fennel

Matt’s pastrami with dill pickles, mustard & fresh mayo

Simply boiled & buttered new potatoes

Salt Baked Celeriac & Chicory Salad

Jam Bakewell Tart & Clotted Cream




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