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The Christmas Day Feast - The Mowbray at Home

25th December 2020 - 13:00

Price: TBC

Comfort & Joy

We've been waiting ALL YEAR to do this! The Mowbray at Home has been many things to many people during 2020 and we hope this ultra special meal brings you so much joy this Christmas. 

Collections for your Feast will be on Christmas Eve - the 24th December between 1pm and 4pm. 

The Feast

A traditional Christmas Feast bringing you the very best from The Mowbray Kitchen. Packed with heartwarming nostalgia and the finest tastes of yuletide - the Christmas Feast is a beautiful 'main event' meal that is both exceptional and familiar. 

We know 2020 has been a year of ups and downs - so with that in mind we're giving you the chance to build scale and opulence into your Feast - go big on starters and even bigger on pud? Or skip starters and go all in for pud and cheese? Just fancy the 'main event'? Go for it! You're in charge!

Christmas Your Way

Add to your Feast and do Christmas your way... We'll be stacking our online Christmas Shop with some absolute Christmas classics that you can add on to create starters, extras and pud to enhance the main event. Think sides of hot smoked salmon, roast hams, Mowbray chutneys, cheese, stollen, truffles, The Mowbray Yule Log and more... 

The Perks

Order for two or scale up to feed the family. Our Christmas Feast is presented chilled with easy heating instructions - so you'll have a chef made meal on your table in no time. Plus - there's very little washing up needed - as all of our packaging is 100% recyclable or compostable. 

Christmas Tipples

We’ve also created a small collection of Mowbray ready to pour Christmas cocktails that are made fresh to order - and we have some of our favourite wines on there as well - and we’ll have some pretty special bottles of fizz to pop as well!

The Table

Mowbray Feasting Tables are our pride and joy....Our online shop will include some beautiful little objects to help you dress and style your Christmas Table to perfection.

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