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The Great Big Cookie Pick-Up

13th February 2021 - 13:00

Price: £12

Get Gooey!

Get all squidgy and gooey with a super limited edition batch of Mow’s Cookies - and as an added dose of sweetness...You guessed it - the names of the cookies make up our little vals luuurve poem… ; )


“Roses are red

Berries are blue 

Hey honey!

Nuts about you” 

Available by the box to collect on Saturday 13th of February from The Mowbray. Each box is £12

Shop Here

Or choose your favs and buy individually from Mow’s Coffee on Arundel St from Monday 8th* of February.

*Maybe Tues 9th - check with us or take a look at Mow's Coffee Instagram

The Cookies

Roses are Red

Milk Chocolate with Turkish Delight 

Contains gluten, milk, egg, gelatine

Berries Are Blue

Blueberry, White Chocolate and Lemon 

Contains gluten, milk, egg, sulphites

Hey Honey!

Double Chocolate with Honeycomb

Contains gluten, milk, egg

Nuts About You

Roast Pecans and Dark Chocolate

Contains gluten, milk, egg, nuts 

We hand make and bake in small batches, baked to crispy, squidgy perfection and packed with Belgian chocolate. Of course our dough is made with the finest ingredients and rolled by hand.

Carefully hand finished and packaged for you - hand written love poem included (!!)... 


Mow's Cookies are seriously indulgent, seriously addictive and seriously delicious!


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