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Winter Retreat - RESET 2024 - Yoga & Lunch

14th January 2024 - 10:00

Price: £45

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A Joyous Celebration of Movement

We invite you to join us on Sunday 14th of January for Yoga & Lunch to tap into great vibes giving your mind, body and soul a beautiful start to 2024.

We’re delighted to welcome Rebecca Lee Close to The Mowbray  to enjoy super special times with a gentle group of like minds for our annual Winter Retreat - RESET. 

RESET - Our Winter Retreat 

Hosted on a Sunday morning - come and join us on your mat in the delectably warm, candlelit and cosy interior of The Mowbray for a joyous celebration of movement. 

We have practised with Rebecca many times over the years - and her classes are always joyful, playful and give you such a spring in your step. Her natural enthusiasm and vibrancy are thoroughly heart warming and give you such a boost that really does nourish and sustain you long after you leave her class. 

10.00  - Arrivals & Settling

We'll welcome you into soothing surrounds and sounds of our Winter retreat with a warm brew of goodness to help you settle in and relax on your mat. 

10.30  - The Yoga

Winter beckons us to embrace a season of tranquility, a time for rejuvenation, and introspection. As we embark on this winter reset, our journey into yoga will commence with the serene practice of yin—an invitation to embrace the slower, gentler, and cooler counterpart to the more familiar 'Yang' style yoga.

During this season, nature gracefully decelerates, often coming to a tranquil pause. However, amidst the natural rhythm, we often find ourselves caught up in the whirlwind of holiday fervor, accelerating our pace. Now, well into the new year, it's an opportune moment to embrace a slower tempo, allowing ourselves to soften and delve into the nurturing waters of yin practice.

Delving into the water element within our yin practice grants us the space to prepare for the year ahead, while also affording us the invaluable opportunity to reflect on the year gone by. This intentional pause offers us a chance to foster harmony within our bodies and minds, finding equilibrium in the present moment.

To culminate our session, we'll embrace a soothing yang-style practice, mirroring the emphasis on the water element. This rhythmic flow will invigorate our bodies, ushering in a warm, revitalizing sensation—preparing us perfectly for an exquisite feast!  Get ready to treat your senses and nourish your body after this revitalizing practice!

12.00 - FEAST

After Yoga - we’ll sit down together to enjoy a delicious and nourishing feast for Lunch. 

Our Reset lunch is inspired by the needs and feels of January - comfortingly delicious, essentially seasonal and nourishing and of course super tasty! Made even more so after working up a yoga glow! 

This is our first bespoke feast of the year and we’re really excited to present this. To us it sums up a perfect early year meal - homemade bread for dipping and scooping, loads of saucy stewy tasty bits countered by fresh and zingy, herby goodness… Rounded off with sweet sticky indulgence to remind us that balance is the way forward! With that in mind - we’ll have a handful of tipples from the bar too! 

The ultimate feel good feast to start the New Year well…


Grilled curry leaf & sesame focaccia (v, ve, g)

Tahini labneh with roast tomatoes & chickpeas (v, contains sesame)

Chard, feta & lentil filo pie (v, g)

Venison kofta in a fragrant spiced stew - sweetened with dried apricots, prunes & almonds (contains nuts)

Or for our vegetarian guests: Sweet potato & tofu dumplings  in a fragrant spiced stew - sweetened with dried apricots & prunes (v, contains nuts)

Grilled cabbage with walnut muhammara (v, ve, g, contains nuts)

Chopped salad, freekeh & Israeli couscous dressed with pomegranate & mint (v, ve)


Portokalopita - syrup soaked orange cake with greek yoghurt (v, g)

(v) = vegetarian  (ve) = vegan  (g) = contains gluten

Just let us know at the time of booking if you have any dietary requirements you’d like us to know about. 

The Need to Knows

Suitable for all those who love yoga whatever your level. This is a blissful 3 hour retreat - perfect for anyone looking for a joyful New Year boost alongside like minded folk.

Ticket Price Includes

Yoga, Lunch, Hot Drinks

Be sure to bring your own Yoga Mat and any Yoga props you might need for your practice. 

Rebecca recommends bringing along a cozy blanket and small pillow, socks and a jumper for the yin part of the practice.

About Rebecca 

Born in Vancouver, Canada, I now live in Sheffield with my kids, dog, and husband, I’ve been teaching yoga for over 7 years and have been practising for more than 20. 

I lived a very international life before settling in Sheffield, my previous trade was ‘Ships Captain’ - not conducive to family life as the womb holder in the relationship!

I found yoga as a way to practise self-care mentally and physically while I was restricted to movement in my cabin at sea, away from studios, teachers, and regular time schedules. 

My training is originally Anusara based, which focuses on alignment principles. I’ve developed my teaching to include restorative, yin, pain-care, postnatal, functional mobility, and women’s (or those with wombs) health practices. 

My classes are varied energy wise depending on who’s in attendance and what the overall focus is. They are always light-hearted, detail-oriented, and full of options to suit nearly all bodies.

Thank you!

Pro photos thanks to Polly Baldwin - who beautifully documented our last Retreat at The Mowbray

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