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Womenkind - A One Day Retreat

8th October 2023 - 9:00

Price: £60

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A Wonderful One Day Retreat

We invite you to join us on Sunday the 8th of October for a day's retreat to tap into great vibes, positivity and kindness giving your heart, mind, body and soul reassurance, knowledge and comfort. 

This edition of Womankind has been designed to give women essential information, reassurance and answers from a group of leading experts specialising in the Menopause transition.

We are delighted to welcome Dr Lindsey Thomas and an esteemed group of women specialists to The Mowbray for an inspiring day for anyone craving time together with a gentle group of like minds for an uplifting, and empowering day. 

Dr Lindsey Thomas says...

"The Womenkind Retreat is a perfect day for anyone wanting to explore more about the menopause.

Whether you know you are menopausal, just starting to notice some changes or just curious and wanting to be ‘ meno- prepared’ we’d love to have you there.

The menopause transition is really individual so it’s important to understand how this might impact you and what all of the options are for navigating your way through this life stage.

Any event at The Mowbray is always really special and with the speakers we have - I think will have something for everyone and make this a really special day"

The Retreat

09.00 arrivals

Welcomes and settling in 

09.30 Yoga for lightness and breath with Rebecca Lee Close Yoga

This session is designed to offer a taste of how you can help improve some of the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, as well as practices that you can introduce into your life prior to those changes occurring, being ‘meno-prepared’ as Dr. Lindsey calls it…

With the help of movement, we can improve our mental state, sleep, breath, and bodies. This isn’t to look a specific way, but rather to move in a way that supports our ever changing selves. 

Rebecca will be offering light movement, relaxation techniques, and breath techniques that can be included as a whole, or individually into your cyclical lives. Throughout the stages of both our cycles, however frequent they may be, or changing stages of our lives, a different type of movement and focus may be more beneficial. Rebecca  will explain these differences as we move through the practice together. 

Continued practice, whether with a yoga specialist in women’s health, or at home with the knowledge you gain here, can improve your wellbeing and bring a sense of balance to your daily life.

10.15 - Tinctures, Tonics & Plum + Honey Tea Loaf (v, g)

10.30 - Introduction to the menopause transition and holistic management with our host Dr. Lindsey Thomas of Myla Health

Followed by...

How to optimise sleep with Dr. Zoe Schaedel


Sex and the menopause with Dr. Olivia Hum

12.00 - Q&A and group chat

12.30 - Lunchtime Social 

A delicious lunch presented by The Mowbray Kitchen - served feasting style on our candlelit tables.

This Feast has been created with a balance of seasonal nourishment and treaty indulgence...

Let's Feast

House-made wholewheat pitas (v, ve ,g)

Mowbray-made hummus topped with homemade seed dukkah (v, ve)

Grilled broccoli with homemade ricotta and hazelnuts (v)

Poached Salmon with shaved fennel and lemon; served with chervil mayonnaise 

Or for our vegetarian guests: Braised leeks, with stilton and chestnuts

Roasted heritage beetroot with pearl barley, shallots, watercress & mint (v, ve, g)

Organic Bedlam squash, roasted with garlic, thyme and rosemary; served with cannellini beans & cavolo nero pesto (v) 


Brown sugar PAV with Montebourg creme fraiche and poached quince, pears, blackberries & figs (v)

(v) = vegetarian   (ve) = vegan  (g) = contains gluten

13.30 - Healthy nutrition for midlife with Jo Meadows Nutrition  

14.30 - Mid Afternoon Tea & Dark Cherry & Pecan Flourless Chocolate Cake

14.45 - Keeping your skin glowing through the menopause with Rebecca Elsdon of Re-Skin 

15.30 - Q&A and group chat

16.15 - Mindfulness and story with Rachel Pickering  

17.00 -  Finish and Treats to take home 

Your Hosts

Dr Lindsey Thomas is an experienced Sheffield GP of 17 years, with a specialist interest in Menopause and women’s health.

Dr Thomas has the British Menopause Society advanced certificate, making her one of only 240 registered specialists in the UK. She is committed to raising awareness and improving women’s health and menopause care.

Lindsey works privately at Myla Health a team of private menopause and women’s’ health specialists. 

With her clinical work based at Thornbury Hospital in Sheffield. Her work is split between this and the NHS menopause service in Leeds and General Practice in Sheffield. Working in an NHS menopause clinic she has lots of experience of working with women with complex medical problems, as well as those who are struggling to find the right combination of HRT to suit them.

She is a contributor to QVC’s ‘ Menopause your Way ‘ programme and she also provides regular educational and support sessions to Trekstock - a charity for young adults with cancer.

Dr. Thomas is passionate about improving women’s health and the experience of the menopause transition. In terms of managing symptoms and also long term health. She believes good quality care should be evidence based and holistic, supporting women to make informed choices about medical treatments alongside an understanding of the importance of lifestyle choices.

An appointment with Myla Health allows time to listen and understand the issues you are experiencing and help you make and informed choices about how best to manage them going forward. And to help you regain control of your health and feel like yourself again.

Dr Olivia Hum is an experienced GP and has been a GP Partner for the last 13 years.

Dr Hum specialises in perimenopause and menopause, hormonal health, contraception and sexual health. She is one of 240 British Menopause Society Menopause Specialists in the UK and a BMS Trainer, she is on the British Menopause Society Medical Advisory Council and is actively involved with national pathway design and guideline production.

Dr Hum prides herself on offering a holistic service looking at not only physical, but also social and psychological, aspects of health. She is passionate about improving healthcare for women, especially around the menopause and perimenopause, where so many women are suffering needlessly with debilitating symptoms

Dr Zoe Schaedel has 15 years experience as an NHS GP with expertise in menopause care, sleep problems, sexual health and contraception. She is an accredited British Menopause Society (BMS) Menopause Specialist and is a member of the BMS Medical Advisory Council.

Dr Schaedel is passionate about education and the training of future menopause specialists. She is a BMS trainer and supports clinicians who want to further their knowledge on women’s health. She also contributes to a number of national committees including the NHS England Menopause Improvement Programme. 

Sleep has become a specialist focus for Dr Schaedel whose presentations and masterclasses, within a range of organisations and health settings, have received national recognition. Her focus is developing evidence-based treatments for persistent sleep problems, through understanding the interplay between menopause, mental health and sleep. Dr Schaedel co-founded The Good Sleep Clinic which works closely with Myla Health to develop bespoke treatment programmes

Jo Meadows is a registered nutritionist who provides evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle advice that is realistic, practical and works with your lifestyle to maximise results. 

Specialist areas include – general eating for wellness, women’s health, perimenopause, menopause and weight management.

Jo brings together a tried and tested formula comprising of nutritional science, diet, behavioural changes and compassion to get to the heart of what you need to future proof your health

As well as running one-to-one clinics, Jo also hosts nutrition events and webinars for companies such as, Twinnings Tea, Sat Bains Restaurant with Rooms, Severn Trent Water, The Cod Scallops, Interpath Advisory and more.

The webinars combined leading research with relatable and reliable advice to help optimise wellbeing.  The workshops ensure workplaces are educated and informed on all aspects of the women’s health to build a culture of understanding and inclusiveness.

Rebecca Elsdon - With nearly 20 years in the industry, Rebecca has gained a wealth of knowledge and a reputation as a highly regarded facialist and skin expert. Her approach to treating the skin is both scientific and holistic to improve skin health and achieve results. Steering away from the skincare ‘fads’ she delivers results-driven, clinical treatments and ensures her clients get the support they need on their journey to healthier skin. 

Founder of re/skin clinic in Sheffield a skin health clinic specialising in problematic skin. Rebecca has built a successful business focused on educating clients throughout their skin journey at the clinic and successfully treating acne, pigmentation and rosacea, Rebecca thrives off challenging skin conditions, stating “When people begin to feel confident in their skin, lives change.” 

Why Womenkind?

The Need to Knows

This is a beautiful day-long retreat - for women only. 

The ticket price includes - yoga, all talks and sessions, hot drinks (tea and filter coffee), lunch and snacks

Be sure to bring your own Yoga Mat and any Yoga props you might need for your practice. 

The Yoga is gentle and joyful for everybody - and perfect for all levels. Be sure to bring your yoga mat / cosy blanket / jumper and warm socks 

Places for Womenkind are limited so everyone gets to spend good time with the experts on the day

We can’t wait to welcome you to The Mowbray!

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