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Seminal Global Study Maps Out The Emotional and Cultural Meanings Behind Colour

A World Of Colour & Excellent Fine Paper 

Our design agency 93ft - sitting in the rafters above The Mowbray are avid fans of G.F Smith... They, and indeed we are true believers in what they do - and their pursuit of excellence. We are really proud to host this incredible event - which is a fascinating presentation of ‘The World’s Favourite Colour’ report, an international study of colour, emotion and associations. It's free to come along - and G.F Smith will be treating you to coffee and pastries! 

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Over to G.F Smith 

Dark blue is the world’s most relaxing colour, while turquoise is the hue considered the most modern.

The colours of ‘sexy’ are shades of purple, dark orange and dark blue. Pink is the world’s most nostalgic colour, with notions of freedom and memory most often conjured up by shades of blue.

That’s according to an unprecedented international survey of more than 26,000 people from in excess of 100 countries by fine paper company G.F Smith.

In a new report published today based on the responses of people globally, G.F Smith has mapped out the colours the world most associates with a range of emotions, elements of the natural world and physical attributes.

Embarking on one of the most ambitious studies into the emotional meanings behind colour ever conducted, G.F Smith asked people from across the globe to choose their favourite colour. In selecting their preferred hue, survey respondents were asked to describe their colour of choice.

Making use of sophisticated algorithms, G.F Smith took the narratives supplied by survey respondents in a bid to establish which colours had the strongest associations with different words.

When picking their favourite colour, respondents’ most common word association was ‘happy’ followed by ‘calm’; ‘bright’; ‘warm’; ‘sky’; ‘sea’, ‘fresh’; ‘vibrant’; and ‘summer’. The survey revealed that globally people associate the colours of ‘strong’ with shades of blue, red and orange.

Calmness is most inspired by dark blues, turquoises and pinks, while notions of the future are most often associated with shades of green. The colours of luxury include purple, orange, and white.

About G.F Smith

G.F Smith is the world’s most respected and remarkable fine paper company, obsessed with the simple beauty and limitless possibilities of paper.
Colour has been inextricably woven into the history of the company since 1936, when the first shade of its now-iconic Colorplan range was born. 
In the 83 years since, that game-changing paper range has emerged to include 51 colours and become the benchmark collection for the creative industries of Britain and beyond. The study resulted in a brand new Colorplan shade ‘Marrs Green’ available to purchase around the world.

G.F Smith Joint Managing Director John Haslam said: “Colour has always had an intrinsic relationship with our culture and is woven into our consciousness. The story of colour maps a particular history through our cultural development — telling a much larger story about the way we perceive, value and cherish colour.

“The study underlined that colour is as much about substance as it is about beauty. The fascinating results and their relevance are shared in the report — inspiring the world to think differently about the role and value of colour in our lives.”

The project was supported by London design consultancy Made Thought. Made Thought Creative Director Ben Parker said: “Colour shapes our visual culture in away that nothing else can. It is at the heart of our visual experience as human beings.

“This pioneering project provides a truly international celebration of the delicate nuances that influence our relationship with colour.”

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