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Lockdown Brisket Box - The Pics!

Lift Off!

We're right on the cusp of launching The Mowbray at Home with City Grab - with all good things - this has taken a lot of time, effort and planning to get off the ground - so we hope our menus reinvigorate your taste buds and get you back in tune with the seasons! Our menus are going to be exploring all things tasty, fresh and you'll also see some regular favourites in there as well from our Supper Club collection...We can't wait for Steak Night at Home! 

We Took Some Pics!

Last weekend The Mowbray Kitchen dropped off a 'test' Brisket Box from The Mowbray Bank Holiday Feast Menu for us to 'taste' - so we turned it into an impromptu 'iphone' snap-athon - so we could hopefully show you just how good this Feast is! 

It was a completely beautiful evening - and we got some of our fav bits of ceramics and linen out to make it into an occasion!

It was all going super well - until the sun started to go down a bit quicker than planned and we had to shift everything to the last sunny spot in the garden before that vanished as well! Anyway!

We hope it gives you a flavour of what you can expect! This was a Feast for 2 of us - and while we both had piled high plates - we had pickles, slaw and sweet potatoes leftover for lunch the next day...

We even raided our herb garden to add some herby snips to the table - like we would do on our Feasting Tables at The Mowbray!

It Made Us Think...

It was so nice - firstly not to cook, secondly to only have to wash up plates and bowls - but also to make the dinner table look as pretty as possible! It's a little more effort - but to get some of your nice things out of the cupboard or drawers and 'style' your own table - add in some herby snips or some blooms or leaves from the garden to add onto the table - made this meal all the more special! 

The Bank Holiday Feasts

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