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The Mowbray Bank Holiday Feasts

8th May 2020 - 0:00

Price: From £16 Per Head - Sold Out

The Bank Holiday Feast (06/05)

Thank you so much! We've had a wonderful response to our Bank Holiday Feasts and we have now sold out of all of our Feast Boxes! We have do have wine, beer, none-boozy and cakes still live via City Grab. 

The Mowbray at Home

We're super keen to be able to be able to keep supporting our local suppliers as well as keeping our own teams in work AND be a useful and delicious service at this time for as long as we can and as safely as we can - so we have a plan!

We are offering a collection service via City Grab where you can order from a new and delicious menu each week and City Taxis will deliver it straight to your door. Order via the City Grab website for now - until we have the go-ahead on the App! We'll let you know when! 

Order Via City Grab - Here!

Made Ready For You!

Our Bank Holiday Feasts are ready for you to pop in the oven for up to 20 mins, on the BBQ or serve straight away. Each Feast comes with cooking instructions - so it's super easy! 

Feasting is The Mowbray's signature style - built around plentitude, amazing seasonal ingredients and 'Mowbray Made' meaning everything we serve has been created in The Mowbray Kitchen - from cakes, bakes through to pickling, smoking and curing techniques.

We're going to be changing up our menus and creating different dining experiences each week - so keep an eye out! 

The Perks

How It Works

City Grab are our partner in delivering The Mowbray at Home to your door! 

This Feast is available for pre orders on City Grab from Sunday 3rd May
Pre orders close at 11.30am on Wednesday 6th May
Deliveries are made by City Grab on Friday 8th May

Please be sure to order through the City Grab website only for this Feast - not the App.

Also we've filled up fast for early delivery slots - so if you're able to order your delivery for after 4pm that would be perfect!

What's On The Menu!

Last weekend The Mowbray Kitchen dropped off a 'test' Brisket Box for us to 'taste' - so we turned it into an impromptu 'iphone' snap-athon - so we could hopefully show you just how good this Feast is!  It was a completely beautiful evening - and we got some of our fav bits of ceramics and linen out to make it into an occasion! It was all going super well - until the sun started to go down a bit quicker than planned and we had to shift everything to the last sunny spot in the garden! Anyway! We hope it gives you a flavour of what you can expect! This was a Feast for 2 of us - and while we both had piled high plates - we had pickles, slaw and sweet potatoes leftover for lunch the next day... We even raided our herb garden to add some herby snips to the table - like we would do on our Feasting Tables at The Mowbray for a little extra joy!

Order Here!


The Brisket Box - For 2 People - £16 per Person (£32 a box)
Tender Beef Brisket, sliced and ready to heat in your oven with Mowbray-made BBQ sauce and served with 'Mowbray Made' Jalapeno & Coastal Cheddar Cornbread, Sweet Potatoes with smoked Paprika, Rosemary, Garlic & Lemon, Mowbray House Pickles with fresh leaves and Spiced Red Cabbage Slaw - the perfect Bank Holiday food!

The Pork Ribeye Box - For 2 People - £18 per Person (£36 a box)
On the bone Pork Ribeyes, marinating in Thyme, Sage, Garlic and Rapeseed Oil (delivered raw) - perfect for the BBQ or the oven, pair with Mowbray Salsa Verde with fresh Herbs, Shallots, Lemon and Capers, Wild Garlic & Lemon Potato Salad, Mowbray Caesar with Romaine Lettuce, Boquerone Anchovies, Parmesan, Croutes, Buttermilk Dressing and a delicious Mowbray Made Baguette & Yorkshire Butter

The Veggie Box - For 2 People - £16 per Person (£32 a box)
Halloumi, marinated with Harissa, Coriander and Lemon - ready to get straight on the grill, Crispy Mowbray Made Chickpea Falafel, Sweet Potatoes, with smoked Paprika, Rosemary, Garlic & Lemon (ready to roast), Spiced Red Cabbage Slaw, Mowbray House Pickles with fresh leaves, Mowbray Made Hummus & Chargrilled Flatbreads

Mowbray Puddings

Baked fresh by The Mowbray Kitchen - expect delicious and indulgent treats made from the finest ingredients to satisfy and delight! This week on the City Grab menu we have...

Jam Bakewell Tartlets
Sour Cherry & Pecan Choc Brownies

Please note - this week our Feast Boxes do not include a Pud - it's an extra on the City Grab Menu! 

The Mowbray Bar - Don't Forget Your Drinks!

We work with some great Sheffield suppliers to create our bar menu - we'll be introducing some of our House made infusions and cocktails in time - so be sure to check back!

Have a look at our menu via City Grab - select what you'd like - and we'll make sure it's included in your delivery!

Next Week...

We're bringing you a new dining experience each week - for the moment this will stay over a weekend!

A Light Read

Have a little look at our ramblings about setting the table nice...! With our mini story - Lockdown Brisket Box - The Pics! 

Read More!

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