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Notes from The Kitchen :: All Hallows Feast

A Wild Autumn Feast

The Feast of All Hallows mark the end of an abundant summer and a plentiful yield of fruit and fat of the land. These rituals have inspired a magnificent All Hallows Feast, filled with ancient techniques of pickling, fermenting and smoking - used to preserve supplies for the cold winter months ahead. Head's of The Mowbray Kitchen, Matt and Emma have been working on a fabulous menu using the very best local ingredients for the ultimate celebration of autumnal feasting. We're channelling Skandi and Norsk vibes, Sheffield soul and the best local ingredients...

Notes from The Kitchen

The evening will start with a feast of seasonal delights from the game larder, the autumn seas and the harvest from the allotment - served up with Mowbray-Rye bread and Yorkshire butter. 

For mains we'll be dipping into the heartiest of autumnal warmers with grace and finesse to grant you tasting notes of the best of the herb plot's favourites - juniper and bay. We've also created an indulgent roasted cocoa nib gravy for ultra luxe tastes and flavours. 

We'll be serving up an All Hallow's favourite for pudding a purely indulgent treacle tart with slowly roasted quinces. We roast our quinces until they are almost red in colour and give off the most incredible fragrance.

To start

Mowbray light rye & salted butter (v)

Whole roast Cornish Sardines with dill sour cream 

Roast Jerusalem artichokes with chanterelles & walnut dressing (v, ve)

Smoked mallard & wild rabbit terrine with wild damsons

Followed by...

Yorkshire-made venison Cumberland's, served whole and seasoned with juniper and bay and a roasted cocoa nib gravy

For our vegetarian guests

Roast shallot & barley hot pot topped with caramelised swede (v)

Sides to share

Celeriac & potato gratin finished with smoked butter (v)

Kale with confit beetroot (v, ve)

To finish

Luxe Hazelnut treacle tart with yoghurt cream, slow roasted quince & poached blackberries (v)

Come and join us!

Tickets are limited and selling quickly! We cater for all dietary requirements but if you have any questions, please drop us a line to


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