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The Feast of All Hallows :: Supper Club

1st November 2019 - 19:00

Price: £34 per person

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All Things Wild

What are you doing this Halloween? Join us for our favourite supper club of the year to celebrate All Hallows Feast for a real taste sensation!

The Feast of All Hallows is a candlelit tribute to mark the end of an abundant summer and a plentiful yield of the fat of the land.

Following the huge success of last years Hallows Feast, this Halloween - we’re taking inspiration from our deep rooted Norsk heritage surrounding Neepsend with a theme of ‘All Things Wild.’ 

Ancient traditions of grand dining by candle light with good friends, great food and excellent drinks!

Norsk Tales from The Seven Hills

Intriguing tales and stories that span back to when time began fill us with delight - harking back to our Nordic ancestry. We’ll celebrate a feeling of connectivity to the architecture of our landscape and abundance from the seven hills.

Grand Dining by Candlelight

Peer beyond the opulent drapes reaching well in to the eaves of our magnificent building, a promise of warmth and comfort for an evening of glorious feasting. You'll be greeted by the golden glow of flickering candle light, guiding you to through to an abundant feast inspired by Scandanavian pagan rituals with the ancient custom of feasting by candlelight. 

Feast from The Land

These rituals inspire a magnificent All Hallows feast, filled with ancient techniques of pickling, fermenting and smoking - used to preserve supplies for the cold winter months ahead, sustaining families and villages through to spring.

Check out the menu preview here 

Tots & Tipples

All of your favourites, local gins, local ales and a beautiful wine list curated by Starmore Boss... Perfection!

Come and join us! Tickets are limited expected to sell quickly - so please book well in advance!

If you have any questions in the meantime, please drop us a line to

Sold Out
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