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The 47th Week at The Mowbray

Get Light, Bright and Gift Carding!

As we gear up for an absolute beauty of a Christmas at The Mowbray - we're thinking of getting light and bright for 2020 with our new Wellness Workshops for Meeting Room guests and last minute gifting - in the shape of The Mowbray gift card...

It's Free To Come & Join us!

Friday 29th of November at 07.30

Before we plunge headlong into Christmas (although our first Christmas Feast was on the 15th of November!) We'd like to invite you along for breakfast - fuelled by our great new coffee - thanks to the masters of the bean and blend - Darkwoods Coffee - and a chance to hear an inspiring new perspective at The Mowbray on Friday 29th of November.

We're proud to welcome Aimee Barnes to host breakfast to give us some wellness inspiration for lightness and brightness as we look towards the start of 2020.

Aimee is part of Founded Wellness who are going to be leading our New Year sessions in Corporate Wellness - specifically in posture, breath and movement.

Booking is essential!

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A Luxury Gift - Mowbray Gift Cards

The ultimate gift has got to be the joy of experience - food, drink and enjoying beautiful interior design! The Mowbray Gift Card is perfect for anyone who seeks out such experiences.
Our Gift Card can be used for our Supper Clubs, towards spends for a private party, weddings and any of our workshops and events. It can also be used for pre-orders on drinks for events and even as a bar tab when you visit The Mowbray.

Gift Some Happiness!

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