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The Italian Canteen - Review

La Dolce Vita

When you bring surprise 'mop up focaccia' to the table, still warm from The Mowbray Kitchen to ‘not miss a bit of the sauce from the Yorkshire Pork Shoulder Milanese & Linguine’ and every guest looks at each other and says 'ooooooooooo' you know you've got 85 very happy guests…

Our second supperclub hosted at The Mowbray was a sell out evening! It was an epic mix of fabulous guests, carefully curated ‘Italian Canteen’ and ‘Italian Best’ wine paired with some true delights made and freshly baked from The Mowbray Kitchen.

We Feasted On


Fresh Mowbray Focaccia

Whipped Yorkshire Ricotta, Drizzled with Olive Oil & Lemon Zest (V)

Evesham Courgettes, Grilled & Marinated (V)

Yorkshire Pecorino ‘Fresca’ (V)

Lishman’s Butchers has gained its local, regional and national reputation as one of the top butcher’s shops in the whole country - we’re delighted to be serving up their Bresaola, Coppa and Fennel Salami.

Pasta & Secondi

Crispy Yorkshire Pork Ribeye ‘Milanese’ dressed with Capers & Lemon

Tomato Linguine & Parmesan

Rocket & Herb Salad tossed with Preserved Isle of Wight Tomatoes


Classic Aubergine Parmigiana with Buffalo Mozzarella

Il Dolce

Mowbray Tiramisu


CONKER make Gin, and they also make CONKER Cold Brew Coffee Liquor. It’s just great. There was a good glug in the tiramisu, and we served up a double shot over ice to sip to finish the evening.


RADIO MOWBRAY is receiving it's very own fan mail! Every detail of our Supper Clubs are planned to perfection and the soundtrack to The Italian Canteen was no exception.

Beneath the rambunctious chitter chatter of our wonderful guests, RADIO MOWBRAY echoed all the great vibes of an 50's Italian dancehall! From Silvana Mangano to Sinatra Classics, with a little inspiration from our favourite Italian films; 'Anna', 'The Talented Mr Ripley' and 'Cinema Paradiso' to mention a few!

The greatest vibes all round!

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