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The Mowbray At Home Shop - Our Collection Service

The Mowbray at Home Has a New Home!

Committed to bringing you creative feasting at home food that explores fresh seasonality with Mowbray made food designed by our chefs to surprise and delight and to raise the spirits!

By request and in the name of keeping our menus totally cost effective for you - we've invested into and developed our own 'The Mowbray at Home Shop'. We were being asked over and over by our customers if they could collect from us rather than pay for any third party delivery fees - so we've taken the plunge and have set up our new online shop!

Through our new online shop you’ll find a simple to prepare Feast each week matched with a vegetarian or vegan partner. You’ll have a chef made meal on your table in 20-30 minutes that’s the perfect treat or simply great eating when you fancy it. 

All of our Feasts are presented chilled with easy heating instructions. Plus - there's very little washing up needed - as all of our packaging is 100% recyclable or compostable. 

We’ve also created a small collection of Mowbray premix cocktails which suit the season and are made fresh to order - and we have some of our favourite wines on there as well. 

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Adapting, Surviving & Supporting

During the COVID-19 pandemic - we've been committed to supporting our teams at The Mowbray and The Chimney House - as well as continuing to give business and support to our local and Yorkshire supply chain. As a very small independent business it's been super important to us to keep positivity and momentum pumping through our veins - so after a soft start - trialling how things could work on the 22nd March for Mother's Day at Home - we paused for a short time while the pandemic raged - and have kicked started The Mowbray at Home again at the start of May.

The feedback has blown us away - so have the reasons people share with us for ordering...Some just fancy some great 'restaurant style' food - for others it's about staying connected to us - if they have booked a Wedding or Private Dining with us - others order for a special occasion or just for a delicious treat. The biggest thing for us is that we can't do this without your support - so THANK YOU! 

In return for your support - we'll keep creating and presenting new dining experiences each week that are simple to prepare, reinvigorate your taste buds, bring you fresh - chef-made wonders that both indulge and satisfy - and that help lift spirits when needed! 

Our menus are changing each week to bring you new dining experiences each week. 

Keeping Our Menus Fresh!

A new menu each week has allowed us to keep our ingredients super seasonal and to play around with price points, number of courses, styles of food and how we present it. In a month we’ll follow a simple pattern of themes ranging from Mowbray Favourites, Supper Clubs, Simple Suppers to end of month Feasts. 

We'll try when we can to show you images of The Feast - but often we'll show you a flavour of what it will be like. You can see our first month's Feasts on this article. 

Collections From The Mowbray

Preorder from our online shop and choose a new and delicious menu each week. You'll be able to book a collection slot with us and we'll see you at The Mowbray for a swift and safe handover of your Feast at your agreed collection time.  

Preorder Here

Door to Door Deliveries

For some 'At Home Menus' we also offer a door to door delivery service via City Grab where you can order via City Grab - paying the taxi fare and sometimes a slight increase in menu price - and City Taxis will deliver it straight to your door.

Keep an eye on our social media channels for when preorders open - as it will always be a later date than through our own shop.

City Grab


What They Say

On one hand it was a pretty big thing for us to branch out to do The Mowbray at Home - it has taken a lot of time and effort to take the plunge - on the other hand - it seems to be a good solution at this uncertain time - and is allowing us to present seasonal, Mowbray made food to our customers. It's absolutely crucial that we know we're hitting your expectations and providing a really great service that is tasty, good value and packaged responsibly. Here's some of the comments and reviews that we've had so far!


The Mowbray at Home - The Perks

It’s Quick & Delicious!
All of our Feasts are presented chilled with easy heating instructions - so they heat up quickly either in straight-to-oven trays or we'll tell you where you need to decant into a roasting dish or oven tray - they’ll be ready to eat in 20-30 minutes. Everything has been freshly made from scratch by our expert chefs - so you can be assured this is going to be delicious! 

A Real Taste of The Seasons
We've always followed the seasons... And we're dedicated to bringing you a true taste of what's good right now! Sometimes - there will be a slight change to the published menu - if we're having problems getting hold of the right ingredients or issues with our supply chain - or in fact if the end of the season has come sooner than we thought! 

It’s Handy
We’ll give you a straightforward instruction sheet on how to heat things up. We’ll also include the menu - which highlights allergen information as well. If there's cooking to be done - we'll give you exacting instructions!

Supporting Local Suppliers
We've got a wonderful network of local suppliers and we're pleased to be able to strike our supply chains back up again! 

Minimal Washing Up!
Please consider the environment by popping your foil trays through the dishwasher before recycling, or reusing! Our disposable boxes are fully compostable. We're also delivering in 100% plant based bags - to try and keep a handle on waste and endless cardboard... 

Economical & Practical
Our Feasts have been designed to be perfect for families or for smaller households to enjoy. They are plentiful and maybe can stretch into the next day - you can split your dinner into smaller meals before reheating. We’re keen that this is economical as well as practical!  

Collections Straight From The Mowbray
We have a procedure in place for one-in-one-out for busier times. Orders will be organised for collection using the time slots on the payment page. If there is a change to your arranged collection time email The Mowbray Team will wear gloves and masks at all times and ask you to be patient at busier times.

Originally we launched The Mowbray at Home on City Grab. For now you can find us on the website (Not The App) and you can still order for a door to door delivery. We are exploring our own delivery service - so please let us know if you’re interested in that.

New Menus Each Week!
Our chefs are working on some fantastic menus, and we can’t wait to share them with you! We're aiming to keep things small and interesting with new menus each week! 

Lockdown Pics!
Sometimes - when we're able - we'll take pics in advance so you can see our feasts in advance! Visit our Stories & Blog Page to have a look!


Don't Forget Your Drinks!
Stock up from The Mowbray Bar - with wines, local beers, none-boozy and some of our House cocktails will be making an appearance! 

Any Questions
Drop us a line to 

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