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7th January 2022 - 18:00

Price: £40

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Happy New Year!

A welcome post Christmas dive into a most delicious Supper Club feast that champions the might of the best in organic produce. 

We’ll once again be working alongside Organic North to bring the absolute best of the season fresh from the fields and right onto your plates in peak condition - brimming with taste and flavour. 

The Feast will be primarily veggie based with plenty of richness in tone and taste from select ingredients from the season. We’ll also be including some of our choice picks from exceptional artisans and traditional makers that elevate any dish into feast worthy status! 

The Feast

The Feast will be based around a rolling parade of 8-10 dishes that will see you deliciously through the evening and will be rounded up with 2 exceptional desserts. We are running smaller numbers for VEG OUT - so expect a beautifully curated evening that revolves around a beautiful dining experience. 


Mowbray-made granary bread & Longley butter (v, g)

Passe crassane pears, house-made ricotta & walnuts (v, n)

Ribollita - winter tomatoes & coco blanc haricot beans, focaccia (v, g)

Cauliflower with fermented chilli paste & burnt ‘chocolate’ peppers with celeriac (v)

Golden & crapaudine beetroot with pickled candy beetroot, apples & watercress (v, ve)

Chicory with anchovy emulsion & pullet hen’s eggs, shallots, capers, parsley and chervil

Without anchovy for our parties with vegetarian guests

Gnocchi, cavolo nero & kale, black garlic sauce (v, g)

Roscoff onions & jerusalem artichoke with Wensleydale (v) 


Bergamot lemon tart & mascarpone (v, g)

Moro oranges with thyme infused chocolate cremoso & Cordoba olive oil (v)

(v) = vegetarian   (ve) = vegan  (g) = contains gluten  (n) = contains nuts

The Bar

As ever - The Mowbray Bar will have curated a clutch of specialist cocktails designed to complement the feasting menu. We’ll also have our full bar menu available as well. 

Buckthorne & Bramley 

Bax Botanics Sea Buckthorn, Mowbray Made Apple Cider Syrup, topped with Mallorcan Tonic and a splash of Orange zest

Just the thing for the dry Jan adjustment. A beautifully simple spritz style sipper, with hints or orange groves, apple orchards and thyme, paired with our Mowbray Made Apple cider syrup.

Verbena & Pom

Bax Botanics Verbena, Citrus, Pomegranate Juice & Agave Syrup with a Verbena & Sumac rim

A bright and zingy alcohol free twist on a classic, celebrates the wonderful flavours of Bax Botanics Verbena.

Douglas & Vine 

Hepple Gin, Belsazar White Vermouth with a Douglas Fir Sherbet Rim

We’re showcasing some newcomers to our fabulous drinks cabinet, and how better to show off this delicious new gin from the good people at Hepple than in a Martini! Lovingly stirred down with a slash of our favourite Belsazar White Vermouth and Garnished with Hepples own Dougalas Fir Sherbet.. Yes please!

Sugar & Spice V2

Myer’s Dark Rum, Poire William (Pear Liqueur), Fresh Muddled Ginger Topped with Apple Juice & Ginger Ale.

Another new addition to our cabinet is the luxurious Myer’s Dark Rum, Muddled and shaken together with some fresh Ginger, Cloudy apple juice and a Splash of Pear liqueur then topped with ginger ale for a delicate sparkle and fizz, a gorgeous flavour combination.

Bramble & Plum

Tequila, Thyme infused Creme De Mure, Damson Plum Preserve, Triple Sec Orange Liqueur & Citrus.

Beautifully rich colours and seasonal flavours with a fiery tequila twist.

How To Book

Arrivals are from 18.00 if you’d like to start early at the bar! 

We’ll be inviting you to take your seats for dinner at 19.30 - with the Feast beginning at 19.45. 

Just let us know if you’ll be joining us early - otherwise we’ll see you from 19.00. 

All bookings are through our online shop - just leave us a note in the comments box at checkout if you’d like to join us earlier and if you have any dietary requirements we need to know about. 

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