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The Mowbray
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We are looking forward to welcoming you to The Mowbray. Please sign and date below to indicate that you understand the terms and conditions below.  




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Wedding & Celebration Cakes

The Mowbray offers bespoke cakes made by our expert chef team. However we also allow cake companies to provide the cake for your event. If the cake company is not on our approved list of suppliers we will ask for the company's public liability and food hygiene certification.

Our guests often will bring their own cake creations into The Mowbray - but we cannot take any responsibility for any heath and safety issues.

Cake Delivery

We are a small team and require a good notice period for drop off of cakes. We request that cakes are dropped off up to 2 hours before your event starts.

Cake Assembly

We are very happy to un-pack, position your cake and help with simple styling - ready for your arrival.

For cakes that need assembling, icing, decorating and styling by the cake creator then we ask that this is detailed and agreed by Mowbray management prior to the event. It may mean that extra hire time is agreed for cakes that require a longer period of time for assembling and styling.




Gift Cards

Force Majeure

In the instance of a force majeure, which may lead to the cancellation of an event, we would transfer the event to an alternative date, subject to availability Usual events of force majeure include war, act of terrorism, labour disputes, compliance with law, order, rule or regulation, fire, flood and storm, however this list is not limited to these examples and isn't exhaustive. In an event of force majeure we would follow the latest Government advice when available.

General Emergency Evacuation Plan

Premises address and contact number: 118 Mowbray Street, Sheffield, S3 8EN // 0114 276 7887
Postal / Alternative address: 3 Neepsend Lane, Sheffield, S3 8EN

Sound of the alarm

Raising the alarm

In the event of a fire:

Action staff should take on hearing the alarm

The following actions will be taken upon the fire alarm being sounded/raised:

Escape Routes

The escape routes from the building are:

Fire Assembly Point

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