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February's Feast From The Fire

25th February 2022 - 18:00

Price: £36

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Fire Feast Returns!

Israeli brioche, chicken Shawarma, za'atar roasted potatoes...Our second Feast from the Fire is on Friday 25th of February and stars all the good stuff - it's a little happiness maker of a Supper Club to lift our spirits towards the end of February to propel us into March! 
The majority of the ingredients for the Fire Feast will be prepared 'Up On the Roof' in our Fire Pit and served downstairs as a rolling feast in the cosy candlelit beauty of The Mowbray. We’ll make use of each part of the fire to explore textures and tones.

The Fire Feast

Mowbray-made Kubaneh - Israeli brioche with coriander zhoug & grated tomato (v)

Fire roasted aubergine with tahini labneh (v)

Chicken Shawarma - richly spiced chicken, cooked over the flames. Chopped & drizzled with garlic yoghurt sauce

House made chickpea falafels for our vegetarian guests 

Lamb chops off the grill with house-made rose harissa & yoghurt

Harissa roasted cauliflower for our vegetarian guests
Mowbray char grilled flatbreads

Cucumber, crunchy focaccia, feta & dill (v)

Lemon thyme & za'atar roasted potatoes (v, ve)


Pine nut & olive oil cake with lemon & yoghurt (v, g, n)

(v) = vegetarian   (ve) = vegan  (g) = contains gluten  (n) = contains nuts

The Bar

As ever - The Mowbray Bar will have curated a clutch of specialist cocktails designed to complement the feasting menu. We’ll also have our full bar menu available as well. 

How To Book

Arrivals are from 18.00 if you’d like to start early at the bar! 

We’ll be inviting you to take your seats for dinner at 19.30 - with the Feast beginning at 19.45. 

Just let us know if you’ll be joining us early - otherwise we’ll see you from 19.00. 

All bookings are through our online shop - just leave us a note in the comments box at checkout if you’d like to join us earlier and if you have any dietary requirements we need to know about.

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