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The French Bistro Supperclub

10th July 2020 - 0:00

Price: From £18 a Head

The Mowbray at Home

Committed to bringing you creative feasting at home food that explores fresh seasonality with Mowbray made food designed by our chefs to surprise and delight and to raise the spirits! 

Through our online shop you’ll find a simple to prepare Feast each week matched with a vegetarian or vegan partner. You’ll have a chef made meal on your table in 20-30 minutes that’s the perfect treat or simply great eating when you fancy it. 

We’ve also created a small collection of Mowbray premix cocktails which suit the season and are made fresh to order. 

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Keeping Our Menus Fresh!

A new menu each week has allowed us to keep our ingredients super seasonal and to play around with price points, number of courses, styles of food and how we present it. In a month we’ll follow a simple pattern of themes ranging from Mowbray Favourites, Supper Clubs, Seasonal Suppers to end of month Feasts. 


By request and in the name of keeping our menus totally cost effective for you - we've invested into and developed our own 'The Mowbray at Home Shop'. We were being asked over and over by our customers if they could collect from us directly rather than pay for any third party delivery fees - so here we are!

Preorder from our online shop and choose a new and delicious menu each week. You'll be able to book a collection slot with us and we'll see you at The Mowbray for a swift and safe handover of your Feast at your agreed collection time.  

Available to pre order from Friday 3rd of July - Tuesday 7th of July by 11am - unless we sell out earlier! Collections to be made on Friday 10th of July from The Mowbray. 

Order Direct

We will be arranging our own Mowbray deliveries for a set fee to select S postcodes - in the future - so let us know if you're interested and let us come to you! 


We also offer a delivery service via City Grab where you can order via City Grab - paying the taxi fare and a slight increase in menu price - and City Taxis will deliver it straight to your door. 

Preorders via City Grab for door to door delivery will be from Saturday 4th of July until Tuesday 7th of July or earlier if we sell out. Please note -we are only on the City Grab website - not the App! Deliveries will be on Friday 10th of July. 

City Grab

The French Holiday

A little bit of Ohh La La for your Friday supper at home... It's time to escape - if only for a night on the wings of our French Bistro Supper Club! 
Don't know about you - but we're craving un petit peu of French indulgence with a tiny bit of glamour, sea salt on our skin from days on the beach and tousled hair from riding our bikes through sunlit streets exploring local villages and calling off for plenty of verres de vin along the way!

This Feast is inspired by relaxed suppers by the sea and the joy of exploration - making up some of our favourite classic dishes from France! We've got some excellent wines and some beauties of ready to pour cocktails to capture la belle vie at home!

As always this Feast is delivered chilled, with simple reheating instructions.

The Menu

The French Holiday - Feast for 2 - £40

Mowbray-made demi-baguette with deliciously salted butter

1 x Twice baked cheese souffle to share

Baked house-smoked cod - with ‘Bouillabaisse’ prawn sauce. Roast fish stock base with tomatoes, white wine and provencal herbs

1 x 8oz Rump Pave to share with tarragon & caper mayonnaise to share. Marinated in rooftop herbs, garlic & chargrilled ready to finish at home

Crispy Potatoes / ‘Frites’

The Veggie French Holiday - Feast for 2 - £36

Mowbray-made demi-baguette with deliciously salted butter

Olive & caper tapenade

2 x Twice baked cheese souffles

Gratin ‘Ratatouille’ - aubergine & courgettes grilled & baked in a roasted pepper & smoky burnt tomato sauce. 

Crispy Potatoes / ‘Frites’


Paris Brest - an iconic pastry! Crunchy topped choux pastry ring filled with delicious hazelnut custard cream £6

Creme caramel (tbc) - baked vanilla custard, with a light caramel syrup & brandy soaked golden sultanas £6

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Why Order With Us?

During the COVID-19 pandemic - we've been committed to supporting our teams at The Mowbray and The Chimney House - as well as continuing to give business and support to our local and Yorkshire supply chain. As a very small independent business it's been super important to us to keep positivity and momentum pumping through our veins - so after a soft start - trialling how things could work on the 22nd March for Mother's Day at Home - we paused for a short time while the pandemic raged - and have kicked started The Mowbray at Home at the start of May.

The feedback has blown us away - so have the reasons people share with us for ordering...Some just fancy some great 'restaurant style' food - for others it's about staying connected to us - if they have booked a Wedding or Private Dining with us - others order for a special occasion or just for a delicious treat. The biggest thing for us is that we can't do this without your support - so THANK YOU! 

In return for your support - we'll keep creating and presenting new dining experiences each week that are simple to prepare, reinvigorate your taste buds, bring you fresh - chef-made wonders that both indulge and satisfy - and that help lift spirits when needed! Plus - there's very little washing up needed - as all of our packaging is 100% recyclable or compostable. 

The Perks


We've started to share a couple of comments and testimonials that our customers have been super kind to send to us...Have a look!

The Mowbray at Home Reviews

Next Week...

We're bringing you a new dining experience each week - stay tuned!

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