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FEAST Supper Club Series


Last year we hosted 13 sold out Supper Clubs at The Mowbray! 

For each we loved welcoming a great crowd of guests - sometimes you’d book as groups, couples and even single seats to join in around the feasting tables. 

From our side - we're proud to be connecting a growing organic network of like minded people or kindred spirits who love to gather and come together to share great times and great food.

We keep our ticket price great value, the experience and our food and ingredients top notch and never tire of seeing groups of strangers arriving and leaving as friends. It sounds a little cliche that it happens that way - but it really does! 

Nearly all of our regular guests now frequent The Mowbray with groups that they’ve met on previous Supper Clubs!

What To Expect in 2020

For 2020 we’re running a series of FEAST Supper Clubs - which are all based around produce and hyper thoughtful ingredients - which we’ll present to you in a rolling extravaganza of plate after plate, bowl after bowl action - typically between 8-10 dishes and a pud - maybe two to finish...

The FEAST series is perfect for you if you love amazing food made from ingredients that have been chosen for 100% taste, sustainability and freshness. 

Our Supper Clubs are also for anyone who loves getting together with like minded folk to pass and share plates, knock back some excellent tipples and have a great night to an awesome soundtrack! 

Weather dependent - some of the FEAST series will be hosted on our roof terrace, some in The Mowbray’s feasting hall. We’re determined to get a balmy Summer’s eve FEAST on the deck this year! 

We look after all dietary needs - if you have a specific question - just let us know! 


The Mowbray wine list is beautifully chosen from boutique merchants and specialists doing great stuff in small batches. We’ll serve up our famous House Serves from our favourite local gin brewers and will make and shake your favourite cocktails - from classics to Mowbray specials - and some fantastic English sparklings! We’ll also serve you premium lagers and the best local craft ales from the multitude of Sheffield breweries just a step away from The Mowbray’s front doors. Our beautiful repurposed leather drinks guide will take you through from arrival drinks to something indulgent to finish your feast!

The Mowbray Kitchen - What's Important 

We’re continuing to follow our great passion for ingredients by continuing our exploration and love of all things seasonal, sustainable and local.

For each FEAST we work closely with our suppliers to find out what is the freshest fish and meat and the best british vegetables available - we create our menus from that knowledge - which means we don’t always publish details of the FEAST beforehand. 

“Respect for the ingredients is integral; we won’t fuss around with great produce” Emma Tophill Reed

Micro Seasons

As we journey through April, May & June we’ll also be exploring a dip into the fascinating micro seasons and enjoy wonderful produce as it appears.

The Weather

We eagerly wait to see how the weather can delay or hasten the arrival of our UK grown produce. We’ll also be using the best of the european harvest - some of our favourites are Amalfi lemons, white peaches - we look forward to cherishing all of it. 

Feast Style

To give you an idea - this is what we FEASTED on last year for Secret Roof Garden Party...

Served generous in our salt glaze and ceramic plates and dishes... 

Tallegio Arancini (v, g)

Nocerella Olives with Lemon & Rosemary (v, ve)

Mowbray Flatbreads (v, ve, g)

Broad Beans smashed with Lemon, Garlic & Mint (v, ve)

Scorched Mackerel & Pickled Gooseberry Dressing with Rooftop Nasturtiums

Mowbray Brined & Smoked Yorkshire Chicken with sauteed Radishes & Baby Turnips

Chargrilled Yorkshire Lamb Rump, preserved lemon, capers & basil

Charred Gem & Avocado Ranch, preserved Tomatoes & Sunflower Seeds (v, ve)

Warm British New Potatoes with Butter, Sea Salt & Dill (v)

In addition to the dishes marked (v) our vegetarian guests will be served:

Courgette, Spinach & Feta M’Hanncha (stuffed pastry) 
Sauteed Radishes & Baby Turnips with Gooseberry Dressing
Chargrilled Tenderstem Broccoli with Capers & Preserved Lemon

Mowbray Pain Perdu -  Brioche in Vanilla Custard & Brown Butter Caramelised Nuts with Macerated Yorkshire Strawberries & Longley Creme Fraiche on the side

(v) =vegetarian   (ve) =vegan (g) =contains gluten

The Feasts

Here's our first 3 feasts of 2020... 

We also have dates planned for October, November and December - but we'll let you know about when we'll host these!

SPRING FEAST // 24th April 

Joy Awaits
Expect an awakening from grey days with an abundant SPRING FEAST to enliven the soul and fill the heart and the belly with joy! This is real fun soul food to boost the mood and turn thoughts towards the start of the Summer...

We’re Looking Forward To...
Asparagus, Jersey Royals & Radishes should be starting to peek from the plot. The sweet soft herbs such as tarragon, and our own rooftop chervil should be in full swing. Crab should be especially good at this time, we love it on toast with some of our pickled fennel & nasturtiums.

We may have seen the last of the forced Yorkshire rhubarb, but hopefully the outdoor crop will be tender with the full flavour of garden-grown.

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SUMMER FEAST // 14th May

A Grand Reveal!
SUMMER FEAST is a grand reveal of some of the delights that the Summer season has in store for us, with great promises from the ocean and the land. Abundance comes hand in hand with an explosion of taste and the first of the season’s brights. We’re expecting jovial plates brimming with character... 

We’re Looking Forward To...
Hopefully we’ll see some fresh broad beans, asparagus should be abundant; more fresh herbs from our rooftop. Wild produce such as garlic ramsons, and elderflower hopefully will join us. We are looking forward to some tender spring lamb, with rosemary and lemon. The first of the strawberries may need sweetening with last summer’s lavender sugar.

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Summer Solstice 
Just before the year’s longest day - (we have high hopes for some roof terrace action!) We’re looking forward to presenting a magical MIDSUMMER FEAST, resplendent in colour, volume and the best flavours around before the rest of the Summer moves in with great gluts and harvests. This will be a real celebration of the best of the best! 

We’re Looking Forward To...
We’ll be seeing an abundance of some of our favourite ingredients, peaches, gooseberries and british grown cherries (fingers crossed). Our favourite Isle of Wight tomatoes should be brightly coloured, sweet and flavourful!

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