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Let's Make The End Of 2020 Great!

Good Vibes Only!

We're busy cracking on with weekly - sometimes twice weekly Supper Clubs, Saturday Cocktail Bar with 2 for 1 cocktails, Great Sheffield Roasts, daily meetings for up to 30 guests and magical Petit Weddings for up to 15 guests.

We're also booking now for Festive Feasts to take care of the Office Christmas Party and Deluxe Winter Feasts for indulgent seasonal decadence. 

We're also full steam ahead with providing Christmas Parcels of wonder for Virtual Christmas Parties...AND The Mowbray at Home - Christmas Day & New Year's Eve Edition!

We're ready at a moment's notice to switch over to The Mowbray at Home collection service... Which was a lifeline during last Lockdown - so we're primed to go on that to deliver super tasty Supper Club dining at home.

We are incredibly fortunate that The Mowbray is a large, airy, well ventilated venue with lots of floor space - meaning we can space our tables and guests with maximum comfort - and as ever - we're brimming full of ideas to make sure we can get through turbulent times...Check our Covid Update for the latest government information. 

All of our House Events can be booked online and drop us a line to if you'd like to chat about any of the below. We have waiting lists for both our Christmas Mowbray at Home and The NYE Edition - as well as our Virtual Christmas Parties. 

Have a Look!

Here's the details...

Supper Clubs

A weekly - sometimes a twice weekly dose of seasonality and escapism...Our House Events have been really special since we reopened, creating a more intimate atmosphere for couples and small groups. We've been going to town on new menus and experiences - from Kebab Shop through to old favs - The Italian Canteen. 

Although lock-down and the restrictions have brought massive challenges and forced us to essentially rethink our core business (!) the silver lining has been the freedom to curate weekly supper club menus for a smaller number of guests.

Cocktail Bar

A super casual chilled out Saturday of indulgent cocktails either 2 for 1 or 2 for £12, candlelit ambiance and small plates available to buy from The Kitchen. This evening has been designed to enjoy The Mowbray as a big beautiful, candlelit bar. Everyone welcome!

The Great Sheffield Roast

The Mowbray Roasts are all about time with friends and family...
This menu is everything we believe to be the perfect Sheffield Roast - servings are plentiful and dishes are created with only the best local ingredients. Roast is one of our most popular events - and as we're running limited numbers at the moment - don't leave it too late to book!

Back to Business

We're hosting daily 'Covid Secure' meetings at both The Mowbray for up to 30 and at The Chimney House for up to 12. We've put in place extra measures for the care and safety of our team and our guests - and our chefs have created some particularly wonderful picnics - in the absence of our usual lunch time spread... 

The Christmas Day & NYE Feast - Mowbray at Home Edition

Standby... We're just about to let you know all about our Christmas shop! This will include the most perfect Christmas Day Feast and New Year's Eve Feast all ready for you to finish at home. The menus are pretty magnificent - and we can't wait to share them! Collections will be on Christmas Eve and on New Year's Eve!

The Christmas Day Feast

The New Year's Feast

Christmas - Festive Feasts

Festive Feasts are our answer to the 2020 Office Christmas Party! 
We're running limited numbers but nice and frequent to make sure we can accommodate all requests!

Set in twinkling candlelight and are watched over by the spectacular Mowbray Christmas Tree - a glorious 20ft spruce - decked out traditionally and magnificently with paper craft, orange slices and Mowbray Made iced ginger biscuits. 

It’s everything you need to get in the Christmas spirit and celebrate the end of 2020!

Christmas - Deluxe Winter Feasts

A very special Feastly Supper Club that kicks off the Christmas season with a rich and decadent menu that chimes perfectly with celebrating the end of 2020. 

This Feast is all about luxurious seasonal depths and tonal tasting which is presented in layers of flavour with sophisticated undercurrents. 

The Winter Feast is for those who look to tick off indulgence and heartwarming from their Christmas lists and is absolutely for those who chase wholehearted satisfaction from their feasting table.

Virtual Christmas Parties

It's a simple plan that follows the format for The Mowbray at Home - The Mowbray Kitchen will make, bake and create a delicious Christmas Parcel for each member of your team - that can either be collected from The Mowbray or we can arrange door to door delivery for you to organise a online hangout to celebrate the end of 2020 together!

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The Petit Wedding

We're wholeheartedly embracing Petit times - in the absence of scale - we're concentrating on this unique time to bring joy and unexpected pleasures - after all sometimes the best things in life come in little packages.

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Lockdowns & Other Covid Relating Issues

While we're remaining thoroughly optimistic we will be able to keep momentum through these times - we're also realists... 

Perhaps we'll be locked down, maybe not - we just don't know... To plan for that - we'd like to suggest to everyone who has booked or is thinking of booking with us - that if we're able to and the menu allows - we'll switch to The Mowbray at Home - which will allow you to either collect dinner from us - to finish at home - or we'll work together to transfer you to another date. 

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The Mowbray is a beautifully historic and marvellously modern Sheffield events venue. We are one of the North's leading lifestyle events spaces, independently owned and operated. Let us know if you'd like to enquire about an event or would like to arrange a time to come and visit for a chat and a look around!

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