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The Mowbray's Deluxe Steak Night at Home & Next Day Brunch!

15th May 2020 - 0:00

Price: From £16 Per Head

The Mowbray at Home

We're super keen to be able to be able to keep supporting our local suppliers as well as keeping our own teams in work AND be a useful and delicious service at this time for as long as we can and as safely as we can - so we have a plan!

We are offering a collection service via City Grab where you can order from a new and delicious menu each week and City Taxis will deliver it straight to your door.

We're going to be changing up our menus and creating different experiences each week - so keep an eye out! 

Our minimum spend has been adjusted to £20 an order.

The Perks

Supper Club & Brunch

We’re really missing our Supper Clubs! There’s nothing finer than seeing 100 plus guests sitting down around our feasting tables and we never tire of seeing groups of strangers arriving and leaving as friends.

Steak Night at Home is an ode to one of our most popular Supper Clubs with some extra special cocktail options!

You can choose a really special combo of Supper Club and Brunch - or pick one or the other - then combine with some boozy extras to make it feel like a ‘normal’ weekend!

The Sharing Steak

We've gone all out on choosing a really special cut of deluxe steak goodness... The Porterhouse is something special - and we wanted it to be a really great and generous steak to share.

One thing is absolutely for sure - it will be supercharged in the taste department - especially as it has been aged for 30 days and raised on the green and lush Yorkshire land. This is a very luxurious 18oz hunk of prime steak! 

We're going to send it to you sealed on our chargrill - for extra deluxe taste - and all you have to do is finish it in the oven.

Once cooked - you will need to rest it briefly then slice it to serve. We've taken a couple of 'lockdown' iphone 'snaps' (!) at home to hopefully show you what we mean - you'll see the small bone that we've taken out before we've sliced it... 

How It Works

City Grab are our partner in delivering The Mowbray at Home to your door!

We'll be using the City Grab website only for preorders and deliveries again. We are still not on the App (!) 

Pre orders open on City Grab from Monday 11th of May
Pre orders close on Wednesday the 13th May at 11am
Deliveries by City Grab on Friday 15th May

Order Via City Grab

What's On The Menu!

Supper Club - Luxury Steak Night - for 2 people - £24 per person (£48 a box)


Crusty White Loaf of Mowbray made Bread
Smoked Cheddar ‘Cream Cheese’
Caramelised Onion Marmalade


The ULTIMATE Porterhouse Steak for two… A delicious Yorkshire 30 days aged 18oz sharing steak marinated in Rooftop Herbs, Garlic & Lemon (delivered sealed by our chargrill - but will need finishing in the oven - we'll tell you step by step how to do this!)
Skin On Fat Cut Chips - Ready for the oven
‘Cafe de Mowbray Butter’ Made with Henderson's Relish, Wild Garlic, Wholegrain Mustard, Capers a little bit of Chilli and Smoked Sea Salt
British Asparagus - Ready to grill
Spring Salad with Lambs Lettuce, Radish & Spring Onion

'Veggie' Supper Club - Cauliflower Steak Night! £16 per person 


Crusty White Loaf of Mowbray made Bread
Smoked Cheddar ‘Cream Cheese’
Caramelised Onion Marmalade


Chargrilled Cauliflower Steak, Marinated in Rooftop Herbs, Garlic & Lemon
Skin On Fat Cut Chips - Ready for the oven 
‘Cafe de Mowbray Butter’
British Asparagus - Ready to grill
Spring Salad with Lamb’s Lettuce, Radish & Spring Onion

Add a Pud! £4.50 a pud (£9 for two)

Our favourite - Baked Chocolate Tart with Creme Fraiche & Raspberries

Brunch Box for 2 people - £12 per person (£24 a box)

The Boozy Mowbray Bloody Mary starring our famous Mowbray Bloody Mary recipe  - ready to pour over ice! (please let us know if you would prefer Virgin Mary!)
Roasted Portobello Mushrooms
Potato, Kale & Onion Hash
Free Range Eggs, to poach or fry at home.
Mowbray Made Spiced Ketchup

The Drinks

Order from our Drinks Selection on City Grab

We recommend a bottle of Flic Tinto this week!


Have a look at our menu via City Grab - select what you'd like - and we'll make sure it's chilled and ready to go!

BOOZY - £14 for 2 people

This week - Marmalade Margarita and or Espresso Martinis deliciously ready to pour over ice!

NON-BOOZY - £8 for 2 people

A delicious and refreshing Peach, Lemon & Basil Ice Tea

Next Week...

We're bringing you a new dining experience each week - for the moment this will stay over a weekend!

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